Friday, April 13, 2007

Wet For Went is Six Months Old Today!

6 months ago today, on a Friday the 13th just like this one, Wentlust took me over. I decided to start a blog that very same day and the rest is history.

Thank you (yes you) for continuing to come back to this place day after day. It's more than a blog now, it's a community and I have formed friendships here that I treasure (some of you who have been absent lately I really miss, so come back to me).

Taking a trip down memory lane, I discovered something I posted about Went (elsewhere) from December 2005. I had no idea it had been that long. What a love affair we've had Wentworth and it deserves something special.

Oh how I've loved Pairing him up, Listening to him sing, Sending him fan letters, Picking favorite comments, Fighting with him, Slashing him up, Proving he isn't gay (even before he said it), Getting confirmation of his sexiness (although he should have been #1), Writing him very bad poetry, Youtubing to greatness (I love you forever Keena), The candids, Giving thanks, Getting noticed (I got over 10,000 hits from that plug), Counting down, Clearing things up, Getting sentimental, Pairing him up again, Having fun with rumors, Imagining conversations, Dissecting Articles, Discovering radio interviews, Sleuthing, Getting teased, Celebrating Wentmas, Flowing with Wentworth, Wentstralia (and the creation of the cbox thanks to Krissie), Hating with love, Falling into The Gap, Getting into an uproar (kind of like what's going on now with Scarfalotta, my how history repeats itself), Winning it for Went, Talking to his chest hair, Oogling him, The appearances, Chatting with Went in the cbox (and later with him AND the cast), Translating articles (thanks doc), Looking forward to things that never came to pass but having a good time anyway and partying like it was 1999, Redecorating, Breaking up, Masturbating, Wentkorea...

The lust, the laughter, the tears, the heart attacks, the mania, the joy, the heart-break, the excitement, the longing...Here's to more, much, much more, and here's to you Wentworth Miller. I created this place as an outlet for my insane ramblings and as a parody of the Went fangirl in all of us but what it turned out to be is a love letter, and so, I'll sign it.

Still Wet,