Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wentworth Miller who in the hell is this?

Wentworth Miller’s new girlfriend!

The actor, known from the extremely popular series "Prison Break", has a new girlfriend.
East News, JoB

Miller has always been very discreet and reserved with regard to his personal life. Rumours have even appeared of him being gay. The actor, however, denied it. He does stress all the time that his private life should not concern anyone other than him and his nearest and dearest.

Hence, it was a big sensation when Miller appeared in the company of Amie Brice. The couple went on a date last Friday in west Hollywood. They had a romantic dinner first, then they went for a walk which ended at the actor’s house. Amie Brice only left in the early morning.



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UPDATE: More pics!

Blondie, are you touching him?

They're walking, with coffee, AT NIGHT!


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Is this payback for me flirting with Amaury, Went? Is it? Say it ain't so!

Update #2: Her name is Amie Bice (not Brice); The article got it wrong and if you can possibly take any more of this, here are even more pics. *sigh*

Thanks gravitygirl!

Update #3: New post at Jared with Amie's Myspace pics (one of which has Wentworth's ear in it and is from 2005).

Update #4: Thanks to Paris in the comments on Just Jared, There is now a video. Would someone please just go ahead and put me out of my misery?