Thursday, April 19, 2007

Awwwwwww Shit! Is Wentworth Miller kissing Amie Bice?

French Gossip Rag Public says so!

Oh no you didn't bitch! THAT IS IT!


Over the past week I have had to watch you saunter down the street with Went (in both daylight and moonlight no less), get coffee with Went and put your motherfucking arm around his waist with a disturbing familiarity. I've seen video of you trying your best to entertain him, doing an "Oh Went that was so funny" accidental head-lean and now...this. Please. Go. Away. I despise you and everything you stand for. Get fucked (and not by Went).

P.S. Beigette is kicking your ass

With Hate,

Thanks tellyfan and tigertone!