Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wentworth Miller Opens Up

It looks like Went has finally answered some questions we wanted to know the answers to; Went, that is so unlike you!

On his past:
Back in college, I didn’t have a reputation for dating the prettiest girls, which my friends often made fun of.

On his ideal first date:
A romantic dinner is fine, as long as it’s not at my place because I’m a helpless cook!

On being approached:
How do you react to a pretty girl smiling at you on the street?
I smile back! I’ve never been snobbish or standoffish and fame hasn’t changed that about me.

What if said girl then slips you her phone number...?
I’ve been in these situations every now and again since PB. Beautiful strangers coming up to me and making passes at me. But I’m really not comfortable with this level of up-frontness, so I don’t take them up on their offers. I’m kind of old-fashioned when it comes to dating.

Sorry Went but if you don't cook, this relationship may not work out after all. One of us needs to be able to whip up a meal! Maybe we can just go out to eat constantly...Yeah that sounds good.


OK that's the end of my comment. There is no more. Nope, not one more thing.

*deep breath*

*staring at the ceiling*

*closing eyes*

I. will. block. out. my. thoughts. about. men. that. still. insist. on. being. the. aggressors. in. the. year. 2007. because. that. way. I. still. get. to. love. him.

*biting tongue, rolling eyes, cussing, throwing things, banging head on desk, silently screaming*

I have a headache. I think I need to lay down.

Thanks tigertone!

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