Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wentworth Miller's Modeling Tips

Hi, I'm Wentworth Miller. When I'm not on the run, I wear Gap khakis and more recently, Bean Pole Jeans. You too can be a model. Let me show you how...

First, a little thing I like to call, the stretch and sigh. It helps me get prepared.

Annnnnnnd I'm ready. Shoot!

Hey! How'd that get in there?

I call this next one: Sparkle Motion

And now we wait...

I wonder what WFW is doing right now? Probably posting pictures of my ass...

See...OK, Wardrobe change!

Now...What's my motivation?

OK, ready again. Shoot!


One day, when you get REALLY good, you'll get shoe tie-ers. They're like fluffers but for models. They really do it for me.

Wanna come tie my shoes again?

It's cold as hell in here.

Doesn't Bean Pole make jackets?

Oh are we ready?

Game face baby!

OK, how'd that last one turn out? Holy shit! I am hot!

Come and get it...

My god look at this shirt...

Someone remind me not to go to WFW's site when I get home. She's gonna tear me a new one for this.

Modeling is hard work; I need a nap.

She's cute; Did she come with the set?

These pants are OBVIOUSLY not made for men who are as well endowed as I am. *chuckle*

Diva fits are always fun. I like to have one every now and again to balance out my good guy image. Observe:

I can't work like this!

I'm leaving.

But before I go:

Yeah, that's for you.