Monday, April 16, 2007

More Wentworth Miller Bean Pole Jeans Ads

Pics removed at Bean Pole's request...Maybe cuz the ads were awful.

is BACK baby with new pics! Mmmmm sleeveless...

[really hot photo of Went in a sleeveless shirt holding a ball, in my Imageshack]

Let's see that bigger...Mmmm mmmm good.

Thanks ring!

UPDATE: We have Ads! But, what's with the designs? Me no likee.

[ad in white shirt]

The last Wenticorn.

[ad in sleevless shirt]

Hey flying man! You're not slick. Step away from the Precious, slowly now, and no one gets hurt. I'm seeing a theme here...What's with the wedding rings?

[ad in polo shirt]

Is Zeus there holding a flaccid penis? Love the skull. Someone should really put that on a silk scarf.

[ad in striped shirt with pink on the sleeves]

A Went by any other name would look as sweet. And look! MORE skulls!

[ad with ass shot]

Mmmm an old favorite with the added bonus of a dragon and ass-worshipping cherubs. Fabulous.


Ads with the designs removed.

Thanks baaca and angelicus!

UPDATE #2: TV Ad alert! TV Ad alert! Squeeee! Word is the man in the TV ad with his back to the camera is NOT Wentworth Miller. Damn fine stand-in I'd say!

Thanks Anon 10:44!

UPDATE #3: Go to Bean Pole's Site and click jeans...Guess who pops up? Heeeeeee! Click on Go Event to see the ads and your cursor actually makes him move (and unfortunately, all of the crap floating around him as well but what're gonna do)! The event, so to speak, is actually a contest. You enter the name of the jeans that Went is advertising, your name, address, and phone number and a winner will be chosen at random and sent a pair of the jeans and a Prison Break DVD.

Thanks pandacakes!


[ad from bean pole's site]

And a close up...

[close up of that hot ass, in my Imageshack]


Thanks brookeonline and FleshCartoon!

UPDATE #5: Oops, I never posted this next one did I? Well here you go.

[pic of Went in plaid shirt]

UPDATE #6: Wentworth Miller is on the cover of the Korean Cosmopolitan Magazine's May 2007 Issue.

cover source

inside page source

Thanks geniass and Joey!

UPDATE #7: Holy Shit look at him...

[smoking fucking hot pic of Went in white shirt, seated]

Mmmmmm Wentworth....

[pic of Went in awful shirt that in this pic doesn't look so awful]

You know, from this angle, the shirt actually looks better. Or is it that Went is so fine?

Thanks again ring!