Monday, April 30, 2007

Is Wentworth Miller going to China?


BEIJING, April 30 -- Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller has been invited to visit China in June, media reports have recently revealed.

The Shanghai-based News Times reported Wentworth Miller as having been invited by Zhongbo Media Group, who have bought the rights from Fox to shoot an online video adaptation of the American hit TV drama.

In an interview with the paper, an official of Zhongbo said that Miller is coming to promote the Chinese version of Prison Break, and will take part in some commercial activities.

Miller is also invited to act as a final judge to select actors for the Chinese Prison Break.

The official said Beijing is likely to be the first leg of Miller's China tour that might also includes Shanghai.


Those Asians sure do love them some Wentworth!

Thanks Kor!


Fox: Read My Tattoos, No Prison Break In China
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Posted by: Riki Hsu on May 14, 2007 | 19:05
Editorial Summary

News Corporation's (NYSE: NWS.A) Fox Television denied that it has licensed Beijing based media company Zonbo Media to remake American TV series Prison Break or any related online activities in China, reports Beijing Youth Daily. Fox Television China director Xiang Ming also denied any knowledge of a cooperation contract with Zonbo worth US$1.2 million. Zonbo Media recently partnered with Sina (Nasdaq: SINA) to host open auditions on Sina's video blog channel to cast a Chinese movie based on the popular Fox TV series.