Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear Wentworth Miller

Today, it is with sadness that I realize that my love for you is fading. It's so bad Went, that I felt the need to say it. That's right, the party is almost over. Where the hell are you? Did you forget about the Upfronts?

Maybe it's the powers that be and not you. Maybe your heart is no longer with Prison Break (which we would all understand as Season 2 wasn't exactly good). Maybe you're no longer obligated to promote it. Or maybe you just don't want to be bothered and to that I say, BIG MISTAKE! Get your shit together or there will be no fans left! Who will be there to tell you that we know the difference between you and Michael Scofield? Who will be there to promote your ass even when you won't do it yourself? Who will be there to send you thoughtful questions when everyone else asks you about the tattoo? Who will send you gifts and then bitch about never receiving any acknowledgement? And yes, I plan to bitch from now until the end of the blog... and that time might be nearer than anyone thinks.

But I continue, and do you know why? I do it for YOUR fans, yes YOURS. These people are here for YOU. Look at all of the people all over the world that you have brought together. They are all here because of their love and admiration for you. Have you any idea how many cool people I've met, how many lasting friendships I've made, all because of you? Do you know that someone who has never heard of you, but walked the streets of NYC with us anyway, was impressed with the diversity and intelligence of your fandom? How many other actors are as lucky?

Paley was unfortunate and I know you had to work. Yes I bitched but it was mostly for comedic value. And I know you were not slated to appear at the Upfronts, we all just assumed... But what the hell were you doing that you couldn't come, Wentworth? Getting something at Borders? Dude, Harry Potter doesn't come out until July.

It's not the lack of appearances in and of themselves - or rather, it's not that the disappointment of missing you in person is affecting my judgement. It's everything. You win the "Catch me if you can" battle; I'm done with trying to meet you. But is an interview where you don't give prepared answers too much to ask? I mean, what are you, running for office? When you're asked how you feel about fan attention, instead of acting like you have no idea why people are so interested all of a sudden and saying "I've looked the same for 10 years," how about "It's flattering that so many people want to know so much about me and I appreciate their enthusiasm?" Seriously Went, you can do better, and if I can come up with that shit off the top of my head, you can too. I mean you DO realize that in those interviews you are speaking directly to your fans, right? Who do you think is reading and listening to this stuff? If you can manage to answer the tattoo question over and over, you CAN muster up something that does not resemble contempt for your fans. In the beginning, we thought you were just trying to retain an air of mystery and yeah, I understand your philosophy on how having people know too much about your personal life may affect the kind of roles you can pull off, but you have to give SOMETHING, Went. You can be a bit more accessible without inviting everyone to camp out on your lawn.

I know I'm just a girl with a blog and I won't pretend that your world will stop turning if I (or others) no longer hang on your every word. Shit, for all I know that might be exactly what you want. But if it isn't and you're not careful, you may lose the people you couldn't be bothered to give a shit about. Yeah, yeah, in the scheme of things, we mean nothing to you, but maybe we should. Maybe if you appeared more accepting of fan attention than turned off by it or even resentful of it, and you appreciated your position as Our Lord Pretty, the fandom would be fun again. Right now, It. Is. Not. Fun.

Maybe it's not fun for you running all over the place doing promotion, although for a fan, all they have is their moment, the moment they meet you and their perception of you (and yes, we know we don't know you). Maybe it's not fun having your gal pals ripped apart, but you do realize we are kidding right? I mean, we know how special one must be to even be in your company. After all, you are The Perfect One. And maybe it's no fun losing your anonymity, although you did sign up for this. I know it sucks that there are people like Billy Crudup and Edward Norton who can just disappear when they are not promoting something, but that's just not the kind of profile you have right now, and that's just tough shit. Part of being an actor on a hit show IS promotion; that's just the way it is. You can't expect to have the same street cred Billy or Edward have until you get enough roles under your belt and, let's be real, most people have only seen you in Prison Break. And don't even get me started on the fact that I have seen you in absolutely nothing else since or I may throw things at your head. What about promoting YOURSELF? You could use an interview on your hiatus to promote Wentworth Miller the man instead of Wentworth Miller of Prison Break. Why weren't you at any of the film festivals? Do you need new representation? I'm available. I'll even help you out with another interview answer: Rather than "I don't owe the fans any part of my personal life," how about saying "I understand that fans want to know more about me but I'm hoping that one day my body of work will speak for me?" And let me tell you something: We, your fans, are rooting for you. We are hoping that comes true for you. We want to see you go on to do great things because we CARE. We're not just in it because you're the Pretty of the Month. We want to see someone as intelligent, articulate, and funny as you in movies and shows because that is what they're missing, but you need to understand that that's where we're coming from.

You have great fans, so act like it. Don't get me wrong, everyone who has ever met you in person has had glowing things to say about you so you do great when you actually come out of your shell. Have fun with it for Goddess's sake or it could all be gone tomorrow. We all devote a significant amount of time to this fandom because we WANT to. Make us want to. I know you're probably blue steeling the computer screen right now but you needed to be told (and we haven't forgotten how you actually mentioned Blue Steel in Korea and I am clinging to that one moment like my life depends on it where fan love is concerned). I'm straying but you can fix it. I won't tell you how; you're a smart man, figure it out. Until then, I will be on hiatus too as I don't have much to say unless you pop your pretty little head out. You know where to find me.


P.S. Say hi to Amaury for me.

P.P.S. You always miss all the fun...

P.P.P.S. Omar hugged me. Jealous?