Friday, May 04, 2007

Bean Pole isn't happy with WFW

Recently I received an email asking me to remove the Bean Pole pics I was running.

bea pole to wfw Apr 20

This is to inform you that the photos you are running on your site,, of Wentworth Miller's advertising campaign with Bean
Pole are in direct violation of copyright law. These photos are for
advertising purposes only and are being used without the consent of
Bean Pole or Mr. Miller. Unless the photos are pulled immediately
Bean Pole will have no choice but to take legal action against you.
Thank you.
I then replied, thinking that it was someone fucking with me.

Dear bea pole,

I'm sorry but it is going to take more than a vague email from a misspelled gmail account to get me to take down the pics. Excuse me if I don't believe you are who you say you are. If in fact you have the authority to make such a request, I will of course comply but this email ain't gonna do it.

So I thought that was the end of it. And then last night while I was asleep I got this:

[SAMSUNG Cheil Industries, BEANPOLE] Official Note for using Wentworth Miller photos

On your website there are series of photographs featuring Wentworth Miller that purport to be 'Bean Pole Jeans Brochure' and other advertising shots from Bean Pole Jeans. The pictures have been unlawfully procured and posted without the consent of either Mr. Miller or Bean Pole Jeans, Inc. Your posting of photos of Mr. Miller's related to Bean Pole campaign is in direct violation of copyright law. We have already furnished you with notice that these pictures must be pulled immediately, and you have not been compliant. If they are not pulled from your website within the next twenty-four hours, we will be forced to resort to legal action. Thank you.


So I officially have until 10:37 p.m. tonight to take down the pics but which ones? I'm confused! Oh and word on the street is, it is Went and his agency that want the pics taken down...or at least that's what Bean Pole is telling people. Does Went really secretly hate my guts? *organ playing* Is Bean Pole lying just to get people to take down the pics? Is this backlash for what was "done" to Amie? Is this why I've never received a thank you for the gift bag we sent him at Paley? Am I starting to get really pissed off at Wentworth Miller? Am I thinking of shutting down the blog? Am I just fucking with you? All important questions. Discuss while I take down all the lovely pics I spent so much time resizing for your enjoyment, but not yet! I have til 10:37 p.m. so I think I'll do it at 10:36. Now go! Right click and save...while you still can!

Oh and Went, you know, one word from you could put our minds at ease. Say you love me, Went. Say you love us! We need to hear it.

P.S. I'm all bean poled out anyway.

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